Mens Face Skin Care

Men’s face skin care is not one of the usual things that you would hear about. Men have already had notion that facial skin care is not something that they should care about. What most people do not know is that men, in the comfort of their own home, are concerned about their skin. Since the media had provided so little information about men’s facial care, they now want to know more about this.

Understand that as men, every male should be concerned about men’s face skin care. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is the most exposed as well. People talking to you may not notice your eyes, smile, lips or nose but they do notice your skin first. Men are prone to acne attacks; this is why men’s facial skin care has been gaining popularity in society.

For men, taking care of your skin is only a simple process which will not take most of your time to do. Here are the ways how:

1. Make sure to clean your face. This is the number one rule in men’s facial skin care. Daily activities might expose the skin to dirt that may cause skin irritations. Men have oilier skin and bigger pores as compared to women. Men also have different skin types and cleansers which are appropriate for cleaning. Dust and dirt can easily get trapped in the pores of the face that is why it is important to regularly wash the face with water and facial wash.

Scrubbing can also help in removing dead skin and maintaining the cleanliness of the pores. You may exfoliate your skin once a week to restore the condition of your skin, making it look fresher.

2. Tone the face. Toners and astringents minimize the pores and make skin look smoother. These maintain the skin’s elasticity because these contain alpha hydroxy acids. Make sure that the toner that is used is not sensitive to the skin.

3. Moisturize. Cleaning is not enough for men’s facial care and moisturizing the skin must also be done after washing and toning. This reduces the risk of the appearance of wrinkles and under eye circles. Use a light moisturizer which is chemical free. Moisturizer is applied on the face and up to the neck. There are certain moisturizers with aloe vera and vitamin E which give intensive moisture treatments.

Eyes are danger zones which have higher risks of the appearance of wrinkles and eyebags. These areas do not release their own oils so these areas are not moisturized naturally. Fortunately, there are eye treatments available to ensure that these areas are moisturized.

4. Protect your skin from the sun. Men can now take care of their skin and still enjoy their active outdoor lifestyle. The sun may damage the face so make sure to use the best acne products with a good spf protection. Do not stay under the sun for too long because it may cause brown spots on your face.

5. Visit a dermatologist. Seeking professional help is recommended to know more about men’s face skin care.